Actively pursuing academic excellence through innovative and effective classroom practice.

Promoting the values of critical thinking, freedom of thought and expression, independence, and diligence.

Providing regular opportunities for staff development to ensure continued effectiveness.

Ensuring positive, visionary, supportive, and transparent leadership, management, and governance.

Keeping abreast of technological change and advances, whilst also ensuring adequate educational facilities and resources.

Actively promoting the Arts as an educational tool.

Promoting positive learner discipline and developing procedures to maintain it.

Providing regular opportunities for learning outside the classroom.

Maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe environment conducive to learning and teaching.

Encouraging parent involvement in the functioning of the school.

Constantly developing leadership and entrepreneurship amongst learners.

Developing well-rounded learners reflecting attitudes of respect, tolerance, honesty, loyalty and compassion.

Providing opportunities for sporting achievement.

Establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with the business community.

Encouraging an awareness and appreciation of the diverse cultures which make up South African society.

We are committed to it as we strive to seek the best for the learners in our care.